3 DIY Projects That Require Hiring a Skip

If you’re the type of person that like to improve your living space, you will very often generate waste, and the best way to dispose of that is hiring a skip from a local provider. Waste management is a huge industry, and the best skip hire in Wolverhampton would have a range of skip sizes for you to choose. Here are just a few of the home improvement projects that would require hiring a skip.

  1. Bathroom Renovation – You’ll be glad to hear that your old porcelain bathroom suite can be put into a skip, along with old wallpaper and ceramic tiles. In fact, everything you no longer want can be put into the skip, which will be removed when full.
  2. Landscaping the Garden – If you are planning to re-turf the lawn, you can throw the old grass into a skip, along with stones and rocks, and even building rubble can be recycled these days.
  3. Building a Patio – We all love to have a nice terrace where we can sit and enjoy the long summer evenings, and building a terrace involves digging out at least one foot of topsoil, which can be put in a skip. If you are resurfacing an old patio, all the rubble can be recycled, just make sure you order the right size skip.

There are other times when hiring a skip makes sense, such as the annual spring clean, something that always generated a lot of waste, and with a local skip provider in your corner, all waste can be responsibly recycled.

Post Author: Hiram T. Derosa

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