3 Reasons Why you Might Need to Hire a Skip

It is always a problem to remove domestic waste, and the days of driving your rubbish to the local tip are long gone, with very strict rules on waste disposal. That is why we have an industry sector called waste management, and the companies that provide domestic and commercial skips work in tandem with large recycling plants, ensuring that up to 90% of all waste collected is recycled. If you have never hired a skip, here are 3 reasons when it is the best option for removing and recycling domestic waste.

  1. Home Improvements– Knocking out a dining room window and replacing it with sliding patio doors would most certainly generate enough waste to fill a medium sized skip. By using affordable skip hire in York, all the building rubble and the old window frame can be thrown in the skip, and when youre done, simply call the skip provider and they will collect it.
  1. Landscaping the Garden– Creating a patio, for example, would require you to dig out about 1 foot of topsoil, all of which can go into a skip, and it would be recycled. Trees, branches, and any green waste can be turned into fertiliser, and if the skip isn’t full, have a declutter and get rid of that device packaging and unwanted furniture.
  1. Interior Decoration– Another improvement that generates waste, with wallpaper, skirting board and other building materials, and a small skip for the weekend is all it takes to have the waste responsibly dispose of.

It is comforting to know that the waste you generate will not have an impact on the environment, and with very affordable rates, your waste will be recycled and used again.

Post Author: Hiram T. Derosa

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