8 Bathroom Renovation Tips You Shouldn’t Avoid

If there’s one thing Australians love, it is renovations. In 2018, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that Australians had invested $9.896 billion into renovations. There’s no doubt that popular renovation shows and the allure of increasing property value are reasons behind the huge spend.

Of course, it’s a great choice to renovate whether it be to sell or remain in your property, using the equity to get a better sale price or put towards another investment, however, for a bathroom renovation to be worth the effort and the money spent, there are some bathroom renovation tips it’s best not to ignore.

Bathroom renovation tips you shouldn’t ignore

1. Style

Perhaps you’d love an eclectic feel to your bathroom with bright coloured tiles and wallpaper. Of course, the goal of a bathroom is that it is comfortable and that you enjoy it but, if you’re looking to sell your property once the bathroom renovation is complete, put yourself in a buyer’s shoes; they may not have the same taste. Often, if you’re renovating to sell, it can be a safer option to go for more conservative and timeless colours and styles.

2. Don’t DIY plumbing and electrical

If you’re doing a full bathroom renovation which involves moving the location of the toilet, vanity, shower or bath, you will need a plumber specialised in bathroom renovations; this is not a DIY job. The same goes for electrical work. If you require new lighting, new power points or an exhaust fan installed, arrange an electrician before you get started.

3. Space

If you’re doing a DIY bathroom renovation, it’s essential that you leave enough space between the vanity, walls, bath and shower, depending on the layout. There’s nothing worse than a small gap that accumulates hair, dust, dirt and water that cannot be adequately cleaned.

4. Ventilation

Bathrooms are prone to odours, moisture and mould and often, not even a window can reduce the effects of a moist environment. Have your electrician install an exhaust fan to avoid an unpleasant atmosphere.

5. Storage

Before you come up with a bathroom design, think about exactly who you are designing the bathroom for. Will it be a bathroom used by a family with five toothbrushes, towels, brushes, sprays, towels and more? Or, is it a bathroom that will be used by a professional or professional couple with just a few toiletries?

There are so many contemporary vanity units on the market, however, many don’t have storage because it’s just a basin. Consider whether or not this is a good choice and if you’ve got your heart set on a cupboard less vanity basin, ensure there is some form of storage elsewhere in the bathroom. There are plenty of clever hidden storage cabinets available.

6. Flooring

You’ve found some gorgeous tiles in the bargain bin that’ll fit into your renovation budget, but are they non slip? Slippery and high gloss tiles can be a huge problem in a bathroom, particularly if the bathroom is going to be used by young children.

Timber flooring is becoming more popular in bathrooms these days but before you go and buy just any timber, make sure it won’t suffer water damage.

7. Hide the pipes!

There’s nothing worse than seeing a freshly renovated bathroom only to have pipes sticking out like a sore thumb underneath the vanity and toilet. Have your plumber conceal all plumbing to give your bathroom a clean look.

8. Waterproofing

Do yourself a favour and get the professionals in to waterproof your bathroom because if you don’t do it right, you’ll cost yourself a lot of money in the long run if water penetrates the waterproofing. It can cause decay in plasterboard and timber, mould problems, rising damp, peeling paint, loose tiles and structural damage.

Bathroom renovations are challenging but very rewarding if they’re done right. If you’re opting for a DIY bathroom renovation, considering these bathroom renovation tips will ensure your renovation pays off in the end.

Joe Rantino is the Owner of Gladesville Plumbing Services, a local Sydney plumbing business experienced in corporate and residential plumbing and focused on providing prompt, reliable and honest service to Sydney residents. 

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