A Cost Effective Way to Brighten Up your Roof

If your roof is structurally sound, yet is looking a little jaded, there are cost effective ways to give it a much-needed facelift. Assuming, of course, the roof is in good working order, here are a few ways you can raise the exterior appeal of your roof.

  1. Power Wash the Roof– Hiring a power wash machine for a weekend will see your roof tiles restored to their original colour, as all the built-up dirt and grime will magically disappear. Of course, you will need to be agile enough to carry out the work while balancing on a solid ladder, and if this poses a problem, the best roofers in Bristol would be happy to power wash your roof.
  2. Replace the Fascia & Soffit Boards– If they are made from timber, why not replace them with PVC? There are some very attractive colours, and there’s no need to repaint, as PVC really is a fit and forget solution. Choose a colour that contrasts well with the roof tiles for best effect.
  1. Replace the Guttering– Another cost effective way to revamp your roof profile, you can choose between PVC or stainless steel, both of which look great, and your local roofer would be more than happy to quote for the project.

All of the above will add some appeal to your property, and by using composite materials, maintenance will be a thing of the past. There is a wide range of attractive colours and once the project is complete, your exterior will be transformed, and that might give you the motivation to resurface the driveway.

Post Author: Hiram T. Derosa

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