A Guide to General Building Maintenance

Building maintenance is part and parcel of home ownership, and by adopting a preventative approach, repairs are likely to be minor rather than major. The harsh UK climate takes its toll on all structures, and without regular maintenance, your home will soon fall into disrepair, and after the winter has said goodbye, it is a good time to inspect your property, looking for signs of damage.

Roof Inspections

If you don’t fancy climbing the ladder, there is an experienced house renovations company in Stoke-On-Trent who would be happy to carry out a roof inspection, and they are qualified to handle any building maintenance. A roof inspection consists of the following:

  • Looking for missing roof tiles
  • Checking the chimney and flashing
  • Cleaning out guttering
  • Inspecting the fascia and soffit

Rising Damp

Always a concern for UK homeowners, rising damp is very destructive once it takes hold, and if your property has not been inspected for rising damp, this is one thing you should remedy. There are several ways to damp proof a property, and the builder would recommend the most effective after carrying out a survey.

Exterior Brickwork

Your exterior walls are prone to degradation through normal wear and tear, and there might be repointing required, which involves adding cement to the brickwork joints. If your walls are coated with a protective coating, this needs to be inspected for cracks and splits.

It is wise to have your property inspected on a yearly basis, which will ensure that any issues are quickly dealt with, and your investment will be protected.

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