Essential Features to Consider While Designing Granny Flats

Granny flats are becoming a popular choice among residential properties in Sydney. A lot of families are looking to set up granny flats, to provide accommodation to their aging family members. But, this is not the only reason, why one looks to get a granny flat constructed. These structures can also be utilised as an additional space to have room for your budding family. You can also use this granny flat as a studio or office, and even rent out to get extra income.  There could many reasons as to why you want to get a granny flat built, but you must take the services of granny flats builders Sydney to get the suitable design to match your lifestyle.

Here are a few essential features to consider as suggested by the building companies Sydney

  • Eligibility – The primary thing that you need to clarify is to understand whether you are eligible to own or live in a granny flat. This is because the regulations might vary from state to state. The builders Sydney will be able to ascertain if you meet the right criteria by asking you a few simple questions during your initial inquiry.
  • Design – Whether you are looking to buy a plan or opt for a custom design, make sure to discuss with a number of granny flat builds and they designs they pose. Some builders Sydney will provide a range of standard designs with the possibility to alter certain features while some offer custom design. Understand what you want out of your granny flat and choose the builders Sydney with the right skill for your project.
  • Budget – When you are designing your granny flat, consider your budget, as it will influence the design of your granny flat. So spend enough time to discuss with your builder about the various design options, and essentials that will suit the aesthetic and practical features of your granny flat design. Your builder should be able to provide you with a solution that suits your budget and requirements.
  • Perfect Design To Suit Your Build Site – The designs that you choose must suit your build site too. The size, shape and elevation of the land play an important role when considering the design of the granny flat. When your builder conducts a site visit, discuss as to what designs can be practically done on your site.

Consider the Functional Part – When choosing the paint colours or the tiles for bathroom, make sure that it caters to the functional process of the design. Think about as to for what purpose you will be using the granny flat, and optimize it according to your day-to-to-day living. This will improve the way you spend your time in your granny flat.

Post Author: Hiram T. Derosa

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