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There is a lot of reason why people tend to lose their valuable things and items, some of them are in a rush and clumsy, and some are just simply forgetful. The good news, however, is that you can rely on a Bluetooth tracker device to keep your valuables in check, and even assist you in locating and tracking the items in the event that they are lost or misplaced.

There are a lot of trackers available in the market today, it is a matter of finding the right one. This article will give you a list of the best trackers available in the market today. Check it out below!

Pebblebee Finder

The Pebblebee finder has the best looks of all the trackers out there. It’s metal outer ring makes it so attractive among consumers, it gives the user of this device a sharper and sleeker, and more guarded look compared to its rivals like Chipolo Plus or Tile Pro. Although this device is heavier than usual, it compensates the weight with its performance. It offers a 200-foot range which outworks its counterpart by 50 feet. Although the Pebblebee Finder is not as popular as tile, it is still one of the best available trackers in the market today. This device has a feature called CrowdGPS, it allows you to find a tracker that is marked as lost. In the event that your lost Pebblebee comes in contact with another device or network, you will be notified of the last known location of the device.

Chipolo Plus

Of all the other kinds of Chipolo Bluetooth trackers, the Chipolo Plus is the most attractive to the consumers. It has distinguishing features that include water resistance, a one-year-long battery life which also includes a battery replacement program. The best redeeming quality of this tracker is that it is small and affordable, plus it has a unique feature that is only found in Chipolo plus: it will cause your smartphone to ring whenever you press down on the device. Chipolo Plus is also a very simple and easy to use tracker, if you’re a kind of person where you enjoy being a minimalist then the Chipolo Plus is perfect for you. It allows you to see the locations of your tracker and then stimulate them to ring the app. The Chipolo plus has a feature called Community Search, this helps you find the misplaces, lost or stolen items

Tile Pro

Although tile pro is released in late 2018, it continues to distinguish itself with the other tracker in the market because of the replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery. The Tile Pro is a combination of style and performance having a slimmer profile, a larger key loop, and an old school look that will remind its user of the old Tile Sport. Besides the look, the Tile Pro flaunts its 300 feet range, this is considered one of the best in the market today. Tile Pro also is the only tracker that is capable of naming the device that is lost based on its tracking, for example, if you lost your car keys, then it will notify you with the keywords of “keys”. You can then proceed to track and locate the item with the Tile Pro’s ringer.

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