There Are a Wide Selection Of Garage Doors To Choose From In The UK.

The number of cars being stolen now in the United Kingdom is rising all the time and it doesn’t seem to matter that car manufacturers are fitting the latest alarm systems and immobilisers. Car thieves always seem to be able to find a way around such things and the only way to deter them is to move the car from their sight. Out of sight, out of mind is a wise expression and so many car owners are starting to use their garages again. However, since it’s been a while, they need to install a new garage door and there are many types available.

Garage Doors

Thankfully, garage door prices in Guildford have not increased much in price, but the quality has. Here are some different garage doors to choose from.

  1. The traditional up and over door is still available, but it is stronger, lighter and has better springs for ease of use when opening and closing. It comes in a number of colours to meet most tastes.
  2. Garage doors can now be motorised and a remote control can be used to open and close the door. This is especially useful in the UK where we get a lot of rain. You get to stay in the car where it is dry.
  3. Sensors can also be placed on the driveway and when you pass the point, the garage door begins to open automatically. If you time it right. It will be just finished opening when you arrive.

Garage doors are now stronger, but lighter and you have the convenience of staying in your vehicle while the door opens and closes for you.




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