What components does a Dafi filter have?

What components does a Dafi filter have

Let’s note that nowadays when we take tap water and then pour it into the Dafi filter pitcher usually we do not care what really makes water clean and drinkable. Some people wonder about several issues and questions that they would like to have the answer for in order to be sure for 100%. As it is known, water is a base both for healthy and long life- everyone should know that. But, it must be underlined that not always we can be sure if we drink proper water. 

Then, what to choose? Tap water, bottled water or filtered water? It is worth to make a good choice. Let’s note that tap water is currently quite well treated thanks to water supply systems that have modern equipment, but despite this it contains so-called secondary pollution. These pollutants usually come from multi-kilometer installations supplying water to our homes. In addition, it is treated with chlorine to ensure proper water quality. 

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The next problem with so- called tap water that many different people struggle with is the so-called boiler stone, which is a consequence of water hardness. To prevent this, use pitcher filters to treat tap water before drinking it.

What does a cartridge consist of?

It is worth to know that a filter cartridge has a certain mixture of ingredients, which both safety and effectiveness have been confirmed by various scientific and laboratory tests.

 One of the most important ingredients is activated carbon. During  a filtration process which flows through the filter deposit, it is free of chlorine, as well as some pesticides and organic compounds. Ion exchange resin is another important component. It is designed to remove heavy metals (such as lead or copper, which are sometimes found in plumbing) from the water. 

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It should be added that the ion exchange resin softens the water in such a way that no scale builds up during cooking.


Unique technology which was applied in Dafi filter pitchers gives opportunity to obtain high- quality water. Thanks to well- selected filter deposit, extraordinary taste is extracted from the water. Despite of that, water is clearer and healthier.

 It must be underlined that filtered water may be used both for drinking or making coffee or tea or for preparing meals.

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