Your bed can become a volcano if you do a bit of creative decor. Start with a bed that has a head board but no foot board. Paint the whole bed black. Upholster the head board with bright red satin in the shape of lava flowing down and out ward to spread over the base from a single spot on the top surface of the headboard. This will make a nice back rest when stuffed. The river of glowing hot lava is continued with the bedding.


Cover the bed in matching red satin sheets, pillow cases, comforter cover, and bead spread to look like the continuation of the lava flow coming from the volcano’s vent, and add a few black throw pillows to look like chunks of cooled hardened lava that broke off. The bed skirt could be either red or black, depending on how old you want the lower lava flow to look. A red satin skirt over a black frame would give the impression of layered stratigraphy and help to create the lava falls spilling onto the floor.

A red curvy area rug at the side or foot of the bed would continue that lava theme, making it appear to pool. Surround the rug with black bean bag chairs to look like cooled hardened lava rock formations.

For added effect, paint the wall over the top of the head board to look like a rising plume of smoke and ash.

If your volcano is underwater, add lots of bubbles to the painting of rising ash plumes. If you are really ambitious, you can attach a shelf to the back of the headboard and sit a bubble machine on it, hidden below the top surface, just behind the place you’ve made to look like the vent point. The bubble machine should always be operated with an adult present.

Post Author: Hiram T. Derosa

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