8 Bathroom Renovation Tips You Shouldn’t Avoid

If there’s one thing Australians love, it is renovations. In 2018, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that Australians had invested $9.896 billion into renovations. There’s no doubt that popular renovation shows and the allure of increasing property value are reasons behind the huge spend. Of course, it’s a great choice to renovate […]

Home Improvement Tasks a Plumber can Handle

If you thought the plumber was only for repairs and emergencies, think again, as the domestic plumber can turn his hand to numerous home improvement jobs around the house. Here are just a few of the home improvements that your local plumber can handle. Installing a Washing Machine/Tumble Dryer – Washing machines need to be […]

What Is Involved with a Roof Inspection?

This is a question that many newcomers to the world of property ownership ask, and aside from understanding what is involved, you should also know why roof inspections are necessary. The roof is a large and multi-shaped covering, and when standing at any elevation, you cannot see the entire structure. There are usually nooks and […]

A Guide to General Building Maintenance

Building maintenance is part and parcel of home ownership, and by adopting a preventative approach, repairs are likely to be minor rather than major. The harsh UK climate takes its toll on all structures, and without regular maintenance, your home will soon fall into disrepair, and after the winter has said goodbye, it is a […]