Colorful and Creative Kids Room Furniture Designs

Kid’s rooms should be fun to look at and fun to decorate. A child sees their room as a paradise where they can learn, thrive and experience a world of fairy tales that imagination. Sometimes, a simple bedroom design will work. Other times, a child needs a more whimsical design for them to help them achieve their goal.


Kids love cartoon designs and bright colors in their room. However, you want to carefully monitor the colors they choose because each color has an effect on their emotions and their ability to sleep.


Cartoon designs are fun for the imagination and play time. They can also be fun for bedtime stories as well. By using decals, you can ensure that your child’s room can be easily changed as their favorite characters change and as they get older.


Let’s face it, kids love visual textures. By taking two colors – one as a base coat and one as a design coat, you can easily develop an amazing texture that your child will enjoy for many years to come.

Texture painting is extremely easy, and you can purchase rollers that make the job a breeze. Mix texture and cartoon characters, and you have a winning bedroom that any child will love.


If you are great at working with various projects, you can easily create whimsical furniture for your child. Using colors, designs and even specially designed furniture can turn a bedroom into a playroom paradise that your child can use to expand their imagination and learn a great deal from.

The best way to get the furniture that your child is looking for is through bespoke designer furniture. Bespoke is a modern, clear design that involves clear lines and a beautiful finish.


If your goal is to see your child’s eyes light up like Christmas morning when they see their brand new bedroom design, you can easily order – or create – an amazing bed that will bring their imagination out and make them comfortable as they sleep. For a little girl, there is nothing like the perfect princess canopy bed to make her dreams come true. Your son would be delighted at a pirate ship bed with pretend oars that allow him to row himself to sleep with excitement.


Even if your child’s bedroom design is going to be a surprise, talk to them about the new design before you start making changes. This will ensure that they are happy with the outcome of the design and that they truly enjoy their new space. Remember, it may be your house, but your child’s bedroom is their space, and they should have a choice in how it looks, feels and suits their personal needs and wants.


There are certain colors that you should avoid when working with a kids room. Colors can have an effect on emotion, ability to sleep and behavior. Colors you should never use in a kids room are:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Bright colors with a lot of tint

The reason you will need to avoid these colors is because they can make your child anxious. Reds can create anger or hunger before bed. Yellows can be too bright and have been proven to cause problems in regulating the child’s sleep patterns and orange – since it is a mixture of both colors- can cause the same exact problems as the red and yellow combined.

Carefully choosing your child’s bedroom colors is one of the most important decisions you can make when it comes to your child’s health and well-being. If your child has any disabilities, double check any color that you are thinking of using before you make your final decision on the color.

Post Author: Hiram T. Derosa

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