Four Reasons You Should Replace Your Mattress

Aside from food and water, sleep is the most important thing you need to sustain your well-being. Improper sleep can increase the risk of occurrence of physical problems and wreak havoc on your emotional health. Your mattress plays a significant role in sleep quality. An old mattress that provides inadequate support not only disrupts your sleep, but it can also have a negative impact on your overall quality of life. With mattresses being more affordable than ever before, it’s time to replace your mattress.

Better Sleep

What happens when you don’t get a good night’s sleep? What about when you don’t get a good night’s sleep for consecutive months? Many people accept their sleep difficulties, thinking that they just have to live that way. But given its vital role, sleep affects every area of our lives. Sleep affects our mood and our ability to function well during the day.


Most sleep problems are related to the environment and are not necessarily related to the person. For example, an uncomfortable mattress can interfere with sleep. The problem with learning to live with an uncomfortable mattress is you never really get used to it, your sleep doesn’t improve, and it can actually be harmful to your body. A mattress that fully supports your body will instantaneously improve your sleep.

Adequate Support and Comfort

A mattress is not just a place upon which to lay your head. It actually helps support your body. From a health standpoint, sleeping on an improperly supportive mattress can cause damage to your back and neck over time. New mattresses are specifically designed to give you the proper support you need to ensure your spine and neck are in the best possible positions. Since you spend a large proportion of your life sleeping, it’s important that you are sleeping on a supportive surface.


Newer mattresses are not only designed to provide optimal support, but they are also tailored to your individual needs. Mattresses respond to you and conform to your body. A consultant can let you know which mattress is best for you depending on your preferred sleep position and your needs. When your body is adequately supported, you inevitably feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Improves Mood

A properly supportive and comfortable mattress will improve your mood. How, you may wonder? Since a supportive mattress enhances the quality of your sleep, your mood naturally improves. Good sleep always leads to a good mood. As such, a new mattress is a great way to lift your spirits and feel excited about good sleep again.


The final reason you should replace your mattress is that it’s incredibly affordable. Finding a mattress sale in Perth is easy. Even the highest quality mattresses are on sale at reasonable rates, which means now is the best time to get your new mattress.

Overall, replacing your mattress can drastically enhance the quality of your sleep, provide the support and comfort your body needs, and improve your mood. Getting your ideal mattress will lead you to better dreams and a higher quality of life. Sleep plays too much of a role in your life to put it on the back burner. Get your mattress today.

Post Author: Hiram T. Derosa

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