Manage Your Small Kitchen

Having a small kitchen can be a pain when there’s a family to feed. It’s difficult to find space for everything you might need for cooking, especially if you’re a in the culinary department.

If you find yourself using the same cupboard for plates as you do pasta, you might need to start thinking about getting in touch with a Kitchens Romford company, to try and find some solutions to your problem.
But in the mean time, here are some helpful hints to finding more space for your things!


1) Be Ruthless

Go through your belongings and be as brutal with yourself as you possibly can. Think about what is essential to your daily kitchen life and what you hardly ever use and base your storage around the results.

If you have deep cupboards, banish the rarely used things to the back and keep handy items towards the front so they are easily accessible.

If you find something that you know you’ll never use, throw it away or sell it on. You don’t have the space to worry about storing an antique milkshake maker that hasn’t left the original packaging yet.

2) Buy The Best Furniture

When shopping for kitchens Romford, you need to make sure that you are making the best choices for the space you have to work with. If you explain to a kitchen consultant in store about the lack of storage space you have, they will show you the right furniture to help you make the most of your kitchen.

3) Find Other Places To Store Your Things

You know that good china you only take out when the parents come by for dinner? That can go safely away in its box in the garage. And that roasting dish you only take out at Christmas? That can go under the stairs until it’s time to open the advent calendar.

If possible, only keep in the kitchen what you’ll use regularly. Everything else can find new homes elsewhere.

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