Wood Dining Tables: It’s All in the Materials

Do you know why wood dining tables are always the types of tables used in upscale homes? They are always the main furniture pieces in the dining rooms of expensive properties because they lend a certain aura of grandeur and elegance which no other kind of dining table can achieve.


The Popularity of Wood

Wood has always been the traditional material for making tables, cabinets and other furniture in the traditional home. Aside from being used as a building construction material, it is also the preferred material for making wooden dining tables and other furniture. Even with the development of other building and construction materials, wood was able to hold its own because of its natural beauty, elegance, color, texture, and finishing so you can get all these informations at https://electricmela.com/different-types-of-wood-finishes/ and can get high quality furniture of your own desire.

Wood Increases a Home’s Value

In fact, if you see a house today with wood as its main building material, you can safely assume that its value can reach up to the roof. Wood, especially hard wood, is really very expensive today. It is mainly because of its natural rustic appearance that can impart a certain kind of integrity, beauty, style and solidness to whatever structure it is attached to. Its exotic wooden grains are something that is hard to copy. That’s why if you see a wooden cupboard decorating the kitchen, you will know right away that the owner of the house has a rich taste – and also a rich pocket.

Types of Wood for Wood Dining Tables

All wooden dining tables exude a certain sophistication that other kinds of table cannot impart. But if you really want to make your dining tables stand-out, you have to use special types of hardwood. Here are some wood types that will be very effective in creating dining table masterpieces.

Walnut – this is a close-grained hardwood. It comes in different shades of brown ranging from light to very rich golden brown. There are some people who stain its surface to make it look like mahogany. Walnut tables are very popular so you can find one very easily.
Rosewood – this wood is sometimes confused with Mahogany because of their colour. But there’s a distinct difference: when you look at the wood grains of Rosewood, you will see fine black rings which are not present in the grains of Mahogany. This wood is really heavy, which means it is very strong. That’s why it is used to make fine quality home furniture.
Mahogany – this is also a very popular material for making dining tables because of its beautiful and solid colour. Being a hardwood, Mahogany is also close-grained. Its colour is typically dark red. If you match your mahogany dining table with a mahogany wooden cupboard, you will really have a fine quality dining room.
Maple – this is a course-grained hardwood with its own natural beauty. It is also a good material for dining tables. Maple exhibits different shades of brown colour. Some are gray-brown, reddish brown and dark brown.
The difference between a fine quality table and an ordinary table oftentimes boils down to its material. If wood dining tables are made of any of the hardwoods mentioned above, you can be sure that they will remain beautiful and fully functional for years to come.

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