What Is Involved with a Roof Inspection?

This is a question that many newcomers to the world of property ownership ask, and aside from understanding what is involved, you should also know why roof inspections are necessary. The roof is a large and multi-shaped covering, and when standing at any elevation, you cannot see the entire structure. There are usually nooks and crannies on a roof, and in these hard to see places, any issue would go unnoticed, which is why people prefer to have the roof visually inspected by a qualified roofer.

Roof Inspection

If you were to ask a local roofing company in Portsmouth to inspect your roof, they would do the following:

  • Check for Missing or Broken Roof Tiles.
  • Inspect the flashing, fascia and soffit board for wear and tear.
  • Clean out the Guttering – This is essential, as wet leaves and small twigs can easily block the channel, which can cause property damage. This is especially important if there are overhanging trees.
  • Check the chimney for signs of wear and tear.

The roofer would ensure the inner framework is dry, and anything he notices, he would repair while he is there. Ask any seasoned homeowner and they will confirm the importance of regular roof inspections, and the roofer would issue you with a detailed written report on the condition of your roof. This should be an annual activity, with the spring or autumn being the best times to have your roof inspected, and any repairs would be promptly carried out. The roofer would be able to match your tiles, should you need a few replacing, which will retain the uniformed look of the property.

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