How to Save Money on Electricity Bill with Aircon Consumption in Singapore

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Your air conditioners are a great source of cool and fresh air in the scorching summers, but at the same time, they are a burden on your wallet. A normal aircon consumes a lot of electricity causing a sudden upsurge in your bill in no time. Particularly, if you are living in hot and humid weather in Singapore, you need to rely on your aircon 24/7.

Are you frustrated, worried, or angry to see your monthly electricity bill? Worry no more because we list some easy ways to help you reduce your electricity consumption while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere created by your aircon.

Regularly Clean your Aircon Vent

The simplest and easiest way to save money while using the aircon in Singapore is to clean it at least twice a week. The experts revealed that by regularly cleaning your AC vents, you could drop the consumption of electricity by around 2%. Moreover, cleaning the aircon will provide a safe and healthy environment for your family and loved ones.

Turn off the Aircon Unit

It is advisable to turn your aircon off at least one hour before leaving the house. Instead, you can turn on the fans, and they will still provide you with fresh air. You can save a lot of money by the end of the month if you make it a habit to turn off your aircon daily before going out of the house.

Reduce Direct Sources of Sunlight

It is said that if the sun rays are coming directly in your room, your AC is working overtime to provide you with cool air. You can easily minimize the direct sources of sunlight by closing the windows or drawing heavy curtains in front of your open windows. You can close the door to reduce the direct sources of sunlight coming into your room.

Use a Thermostat or a Timer

Using a thermostat is best for the individuals who are in the habit of sleeping with their air conditioners turned on. You can save up to $20 a month by using a thermostat for your aircon. It is not only feasible for your environment but saves a lot of money in the long run.

Install Dry Walls for your AC

Drywalls are the best source to save energy consumption. The modern research states that the new gypsum boards available in the market can help to reduce your electricity bill by minimizing the thermal energy inside your rooms. They are also efficient in preventing fire from getting inside the rooms in case of any sudden accident.

Always Keep a Maintenance Service Record

It is an irrefutable fact that a worn-out air conditioner will consume more energy than a well maintained one. Problems such as coolant leaks, broken vents or cracks in the casing of your aircon cause your AC to drain more power. Therefore, it is advisable always to repair your AC once a while to save the consumption of electricity.

Go for a Reputable Brand while Buying your AC

Instead of going for cheap air conditioners, try to buy the AC of a reputable brand so that it works longer and does not put extra burden on your wallet.

The aircon has become the need of the day in the dry and hot weather of Singapore. By adopting the above measures, you can easily save huge bucks on your electricity bill while enjoying the cool air of your aircon. What are you waiting for? Start saving money on your electricity bills today by following these simple ways.

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